Pleine Lune du Chasseur Lenormand Reading

Pleine Lune du Chasseur Lenormand Reading with the Halloween Lenormand

What should I hunt in order to properly approach the tough times? Que dois-je chasser afin de bien aborder la période rude?

Fox and Spooky Tree – Be smart about your health. Sometimes you slack off in this area… now is not the time.

What reservations should I make for this winter? Quelles réserves dois je faire pour cet hiver?

Ghost Ship and Rats – Don’t plan on going anywhere or taking any other risks that would put you in danger of getting sick.

How to preserve them? Comment les préserver?

Dagger, Creepy Trail, Frankenstein – Use financial concerns as an excuse for the making of difficult but responsible decisions.

Take Away: A proposal to travel presented in a way that will make it difficult to say no is coming. This travel is a risk to your health. Say no, and if need be, use financial concerns and hardship as an excuse for begging off. If it ends up being something you cannot beg off from, make sure to take extra precautions where your health is concerned.


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