Pet Tarot Reading

Pet Tarot Reading with the Northern Animal Tarot 2nd Edition


King of Pentacles – For Miss Luna, you represent stability and security. Comfort and strength, and as well as authority.  You are her safety net, her rock, and her provider.

Why you were brought together

Eight of Cups – You were brought together because both of you needed something better than what you had. You were drowning in the misery of your grief, and she was in an abusive home.  In coming together, you both left behind something unhealthy, and gave yourself a chance to be happier moving forward.

What your pet loves

Ace of Cups – Attention. This is why even in the summer she will hop up on the bed to snuggle with you until you doze off.  She doesn’t want to sleep on the bed because it’s cooler on the floor, but she wants your attention until you fall asleep. She adores you, and she wants you to adore her too.

What your pet fears

Knight of Cups – Miss Luna fears being forgotten about because you are off exploring or distracted with other things.

How to help your pet

Three of Cups – More play time. She has a lot of energy to burn and loves it when you play with her.

A message from your pet

The Lovers – “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skis are gray…”


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