Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Devil

Prompt: “Pull the card from your deck that matches [The Devil from Tarot of the Hidden Realm]. Compare the imagery between the card provided and the card from your own deck(s). How would you read them differently and why?

Tarot of the Hidden Realm - The DevilTarot of the Hidden Realm – Here we see temptation personified in the countenance of Faunus, Cerrunos, and Pan.  The horned one tempts lovers to dance in the forest, and lose themselves in each other as they swirl and sway among the trees.

The lovers must be willing to step into this space, to join the dance… but the temptation is so great will it feel like a choice if they concede? After all, how can you resist such a seductive invitation?

Steven Universe Tarot, Occult Ornithology Tarot, Sortilegios Tarot

Steven Universe Tarot – Here we see the puppet straining against the chains as the puppetmaster lingers in the background, in full control of the situation much as the rider of the Chariot controls his horses. The depiction here is what happens at the end of the Devil card’s journey.  You’ve given into temptation, you’ve yielded to the seduction that teased you into succumbing. At first you felt you were in control, but no more.  Not now.  Now you find yourself truly trapped with only your own choices to have brought you to this place.

Occult Ornithology Tarot – In this card the magpie collects and collects until their nest is gilded with gilt and glitter.  They celebrate their good fortune, and hoard their treasures, always craving just one more no matter how many bits and baubles they gather up.  The stage of the Devil depicted in this card is the obsession that builds before the trap snaps shut.  The magpie does not feel himself chained by his obsession quite yet… but it is only a matter of time.

Sortilegios Tarot – For this deck’s imagery, we see a depiction of a six-winged seraphim in the process of consuming a human figure. What I see here is a depiction of scrupulosity.  This is when one’s religion becomes an obsession, to the point that their minds become closed.  It is often accompanied by “religious snobbery” and can be an addiction like any other thing someone becomes hyper focused on and obsessed with.  Here, we see a figure that has dove in head first and although sharp teeth of the seraphim now pierce the flesh and make them bleed, they are too far in now to pull out.


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