Questions for the Spirits of Tea

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
Commune with the spirit of coffee or tea, and ask it what you want to know. Be sure to thank it at the end.

Sortilege Reading with Charm Casting, Clarification Tokens, and WItch Rune SticksShould I branch out from my regular daily blend?

Only for special occasions or when you’re feeling unwell.

Is my current daily blend helping me?

Your current daily blend is providing flexibility and strength both emotionally and physically.  This allows you more mobility and freedom as a result.

Should I stop buying mugs?

Not necessarily, especially if they make you happy. But, perhaps stop actively looking.

Should I drink the teas sent as free gifts and as bonuses in membership mailings?

No. They’re a source of community energy and connectivity, and have positive energy behind them. But, don’t drink them as they could be dangerous due to your allergy issues. Use them for other things.


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