Weekly Creativity Prompt – Home Connection

Draw three cards. Find something around your home (or where you’re currently staying) that you feel represents each of the cards. Draw, paint, artistically photograph, collage, or otherwise depict these items in some way.)


The Magician – As you can see in the background behind this card, I really am the man with all the tools.  Having 900+ decks takes up a great deal of room, but in this picture you can see that behind the Magician card is a good selection of decks that I use somewhat regularly or keep out for specific clients.

The High Priestess – This card is placed upon my altar, which is where I connect via a daily devotional with the energies of creation, evolution, and balance as well as elemental energies and the energies of my ancestors and guides.  This is where secrets are whispered on exhaled breaths, gratitude is expressed with an open heart, and the invitation to bring the energies previously mentioned into my day begins.

The Star – I grow pansies on my balcony every year because their blooming faces make me feel light and happy as no other flower can.  I find them uplifting and I feel that the energy of the Star card fits perfectly with that happy and yet calming and hopeful energy that pansies create for me. In the picture here behind the card you see one of my balcony troughs full of pansies and, behind that, my lilac tree and the alley that runs behind my building.


One thought on “Weekly Creativity Prompt – Home Connection

  1. *Grins* This is awesome, love. I always enjoy seeing pieces of your life thru the lens of your camera and this is another example of this. Great finds on the challenge as well baby

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