#TarotForGrowthSeptember prompt 19 … Purpose

For the hell of it, I did the #TarotForGrowthSeptember prompt today from Instagram.   I know this is actually a 3rd post for the day, but I’d actually intended on including this in my card for the day post that I made this morning.  I just forgot.


Question: What message does my spirit have for me about my purpose?

Reading Summary: In times of worry, troubles, or strife, my creativity and the joy that I take in it will guide the way from darkness into the light.

Take Away: Sometimes when I am in the midst of personal struggles, I forget the spiritual value of what I do in my business.  There is a reason behind why I decided to sell my artwork, and that reason goes beyond the making of money.

The creation of the jewelry I make involves the gifting of a part of my soul.  In the creation, a small bit of me that  I share with the world is put into each of the pieces I make and sent out into the world, one small bit at a time.  When I make these pieces, each is made with the intention of bringing the recipient pleasure or joy.  It makes me feel good to contribute this to the world, and in doing so, improve the lives of others in some small way.

Decks Used: Dixit Quest Expansion Pack #2

One thought on “#TarotForGrowthSeptember prompt 19 … Purpose

  1. *Grins wide as he reads this* See? A piece of you does go into every single piece. I know that rather recently I said almost this exact thing to you about the pieces you make. I -see- it in every piece, I feel it in everything you do, everything you create. Enough so that I can recognize one of your pieces even without a clue that it’s yours.

    I can’t say I’d recognize every single piece, but somehow, when I see something you’ve done, I can just..feel it’s energy and that energy speaks to me, touches me.

    I love you man, and I agree with this post completely

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