Self Care Saturday (on Sunday)


As I’ve mentioned before, these readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and are not meant as a predictive reading.

The question is… What do I need to focus on in the week ahead?

Earth – Ace of Pentacles – New opportunities in manifestation and abundance for 2nd week in a row. The little girl happily swinging, shining bright in her glass bubble is an indication of inspiration and enjoyment in exploring these new opportunities from a secure place.

AirKing of Cups – Seek out Gideon when my mind becomes too chaotic and anxieties threaten to take over. Remember he is a safe place to take refuge and a breather.

WaterTen of Swords – If I don’t work on finding balance instead of bulking up my defenses, things are going to run the risk of going catastrophically wrong emotionally.

FireQueen of Swords – I often view the Queen of Swords as cold and restrained.  The clarification card expands on this theme for a message concerning caution and restraint in sharing inspiration with others in order to protect your interests.

Moving Away FromThe Staff & Beauty Way – These cards in the “moving away from” position indicate that finding balance, positivity, and optimism will be a bit of a challenge over the next week.

Heading Toward (and Moral of the Story) – Middle World – Now is a good time for new endeavors, as the world and its energies support you. But, take caution to not be reckless or careless with your resources or confidences.

Decks Used: Crow Tarot, Dixit Pack #6 Memories, Mystical Shaman Oracle


One thought on “Self Care Saturday (on Sunday)

  1. You had shared some of this reading with me yesterday as we discussed your anxieties and worked through them together to help ease that tightly wound tension and help you find a balance and a place of security for your vulnerabilities. I think that though it is going to be a tough task, that together we can keep you, if not balanced, then at least find ways to bring you back to center when the world starts to tilt and those anxieties press in on you.

    Just keep in mind that I’m here to help, my love. No matter where I am or what I am doing, you are always on my mind and I am always within reach. Possibly not right that moment, but I’m never too far away.

    My question for this post is…Does the caution and show restraint sharing your inspirations mean that there is a danger of someone swiping your ideas for their own gain? That would be seriously uncool.

    I love you, my heart. Remember that and keep my heart close at hand in the upcoming week and the trip that begins on the weekend, keep -me- close to your heart, let me protect your soul when things get rough. And always, always remember that you are loved and cherished and that mean spirited people have only the power that you allow them. Without that power they are only bullies and angry children with no toys to break.

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