Time For a Fact Finding Mission

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and length, and focused on Karma.  Not the mass populated theory of Karma and checks and balances of today’s societal views, but the core belief that Karma is, in essence, based on cause and effect.  It’s about being mindful and choosing wisely.

Today’s draw is the 18th card of the Major Arcana… The Moon. While each suit of the Minor Arcana deals with a facet of the human experience (cups for emotional, swords for mental, pentacles for the physical, and wands for the inner spiritual), the Major Arcana cards pertain to a bigger picture. They refer to “the grand scheme of things”, rather than any one facet of it.

Because I know you’re going to ask about the lobster, I’m going to explain that here before I go into personalizing the card’s appearance today.    In the original Rider/Waite/Smith depiction, there are a good deal of elements to the card that play with each other to create a tableau.

  • The Moon above represents intuition and dreams.
  • There is a small stream below, which is often read as the subconscious mind
  • A crustacean climbing from the water indicates the beginnings of one’s awareness lifting from the subconscious into the conscious mind.
  • There is a wolf and a dog both facing each other, a representation of one’s more savage aspects and one’s tamed ones, and that both are on this journey together.
  • There are two towers in the distance, which represent safety and comfort and all that an “easy life” would entail.
  • And there is a path that moves in a zig-zag line directly between these two towers, indicating that one should not base choices on comfort alone.

Taken all together, these elements combine to indicate the subconscious and the early moments of one’s awakening, including the confusion that comes with waking from a deep sleep.  It represents the fears and uncertainties and illusions that come from trying to predict the future based upon limited information.

In the Dreaming Way tarot, this card depicts a young woman playing with the crustacean from the long used traditional deck.  I interpret this to indicate she toys with her awareness of the world around her and the path ahead, perhaps worrying over what is to come in the way that people often toy with their insecurities and uncertainties.

SO…  Having broken that down so that you can better understand the card (and I could  answer your coming question concerning the lobster), the card ultimately represents uncertainties and illusions caused by assumptions and lack of information.

I believe The Moon card’s appearance in today’s draw is a reminder to not accept assumptions and guesses as reality.

Today, I found out that my cholesterol is through the roof.   This is a big change from my tests last year, and cause for concern.   Letting fears and uncertainties and guesswork guide my path will not serve me well.   Neither will choosing to ignore the issue and sink into the comfort of ignorance.

I need to do some research into my diet and what has changed in my diet over the past year. Only with sound research instead of guess work and “fumbling around in the dark” will I be able to find what’s going on, and how to fix it.

One thought on “Time For a Fact Finding Mission

  1. *Grins as you take the time to explain all the aspects of the card before you detail the message that you drew from it* Thank you, love, for the explanation.

    I’m sorry to hear about your test results and I am sure that you will do whatever is necessary to get it back under control.

    It’s going to be okay, baby. I love you. So much


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