Ostara 2023 – Spring Equinox

Today is the Spring Equinox, which is considered by many to be the first day of Spring, and is one of only two moments in the year when the sun is exactly above the Equator and day and night are of equal length. After this day, the brightness of daylight begins to overtake the dark hours in the sky as the days continue to longer and longer, and the nights shorter and shorter.  This transition is the basis within the celebration of the holiday itself, as we celebrate the warming and awakening of the earth as she prepares to share her abundance and generosity with us all.

In my path, the Spring Equinox is also known as Ostara.  Although this holiday is celebrated (as Easter around) the world by those that embrace many traditions that originated in Paganism, most don’t realize the full and rich history that this holiday holds.


Like with new moons and full moons, I usually do a spread to check in with myself and give myself some direction for the next couple of months for each solstice, equinox, and other Sabbats. This spread is an adaptation of my Self Care Saturday spread, so there are sure to be  some similarities in how it is read. The focus of this spread, though, is not about Self Care, but rather about progress and my path. The time period is also longer, reaching through the next handful of weeks until the celebration of the upcoming Beltane at the beginning of May.

Spring Equinox Tarot Reading with the Pagan Underworlds Tarot, Compendium Of Witches Oracle, and Healing Herbal Cards Vol 1 & 2

Theme of the SeasonSpring Equinox, New Moon, Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

The Spring Equinox is a time of renewal. Buds are showing on the trees, early crocus and snowdrops are breaking free of the soil, farmers fields once dry and brown are beginning to green once more.  The energy is fresh and new, bright and ready to break free of winter’s hibernation, even if it has to do it in fits and starts in the beginning, it will continue onward as the daylight hours become longer and the earth is warmed by the sun’s return.

Like the Spring Equinox, the New Moon is also a time of great potential and the stirring of new energies.  As the earth plans its way forward towards spring, so too with this new moon is the energy ripe to plan our way forward and utilize the growing energy between now and the full moon to its fullest.

Dandelions are an antioxidant and are excellent for stimulating digestion. It’s often used in cleansing the liver and kidneys.  It is cleansing properties fall over into the metaphysical as well, as it can be used to disperse negative energies, and is associated with abundance, wishes, hope, and luck.

When looking at these three cards together, I am reminded about what the energies at this time of year are all about and the renewal that can happen when you set aside the negative aspects of your past to focus on the positive.  I was never really much of a believer in the “power of positive thought”.  In fact, it was one of those things that could be guaranteed to create an eye roll in me for much of my life.  And yet?  After finally giving in and giving it a try?  I can’t deny the benefits it creates.  No, it doesn’t erase the bad, nor should it be used to ignore the bad… but it definitely makes the bad far more tolerable to work through.

EarthStrength – Your connection with others is strong right now, as your influence. More so than usual, considering how much you like to avoid social obligations. Use this time to help steer things in the direction you want them to go.

AirKnight of Wands Rx – You’re not feeling particularly inspired or impulsive right now when it comes to your spiritual path. Remember that it’s okay to have some downtime now and then, and it can keep you from acting (or reacting) rashly.

WaterThree of Swords – As indicated in the air position of this reading, you are currently in the space of a “down time”. Stop beating yourself up about it and referring to yourself as a disappointment. It’s okay to drop the ball sometimes… in fact it’s needed, and isn’t something that you need to be punishing yourself for.

Fire – Five of Coins – As already noted in this reading. your energy is scarce at the moment and you are in a time of hibernation. Don’t worry, the thaw will come eventually, and you will come out of this hibernation refreshed.

WaningThe Shapeshifter and Light – You spend a great deal of time trying to grasp other’s viewpoints and empathize with their situations, illuminating their experiences so that you can not just find common ground but understand their way of doing and seeing things.  Right now, though?  It would be better to step back from this on your spiritual path and focus more on your own practice and path instead for a time.

WaxingThe Stargazer and Storm – Tests and trials are coming.  Ground and root yourself into your own practices for a time, and you will eventually be ready to open up and be receptive once more. For now, it’s time to focus closer to home on those things that are unique to your own path.

Take Away – You are in a period of rest right now. Sometimes breaks are necessary, and often they are when you experience the most growth, just like a child experiences the greatest growth spurt while they are asleep in their beds. Don’t get down on yourself about taking this time. It’s all a part of the process.


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