Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Sun

Prompt: “Pull the Sun card from your deck(s). Compare the imagery between the card provided below and the card(s) from your own deck(s). How would you read them differently and why?

Modern Love Tarot - The SunModern Love Tarot – Joyous celebration and pride combine in this card as a mother holds her child up to the sun. This card is a display of celebrating life, and taking moments as they come while treasuring the laughter and love we have for each other.  It’s youth and energy, brightness and warmth, and it encourages one to cherish these feelings and be “in the moment” with them.

The Sun in the Gay Tarot, Spiritual Tarot, Meraki Tarot 2nd Edition

Gay Tarot – Sometimes working together toward a mutual goal goes beyond projects you share with others and bleeds into a life as a whole.  The two figures in this image have been together a long time. They work together, they play together… and over time it’s become clear that everything is better together. Where can your life be improved by working with others towards successes that you can share? And how much sweeter will those successes be if shared with each other?

Spiritual Tarot – A radiant figure stands in the light, filled with pride and standing tall. That radiance has become a part of him, strong and wild as the world bursts into abundance around him. This figure reminds me of the Wiccan God, who is reborn each spring and grows to maturity in summer’s warmth each year. It asks you to seek out what needs a rebirth in your own life, and where abundance has flourished and grown both within and around you.

Meraki Tarot 2nd Edition – Wishes scatter into the wind, given up to the sun’s radiance like seeds seeking fertile soil. Not every wish we have can come true, but this card indicates that some of them can.  They just need a little nurturing and they can find that fertile soil needed in which to grow and flourish.


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