Le Tirage de la Balle dans le Pied Lenormand Reading

Le Tirage de la Balle dans le Pied Lenormand Reading with the Golden Dreams Lenormand

Pourquoi est ce que j’ai envie de nuire à cette personne en médisant?
(Eng: Why do I want to harm this person by backbiting?)

Coffin and Ship – Because you want this person to no longer be a part of your life. Not by cutting them out of it, but by having them leave of their own volition. You don’t want disruptive change to be a part of the process… you just want them to go.

Qu’est ce que cette envie / attitude révèle à propos de mes insécurités?
(Eng: What does this craving/attitude reveal about my insecurities?)

Clouds and Bear – They create uncertainty and instability in your life and the lives of those around you. This, in turn, causes a defensive reaction within you to rise up in order to protect what you value from being further polluted by that instability and uncertainty.

Comment est ce que cela pourrait se returner contre moi en modifiant la manière dont je suis perçu.e?
(Eng: How could this backfire on me by changing the way I am perceived?)

Balloon and Scythe – You could end up looking a good deal more cutthroat and vicious if you were to succeed. Consider if success in this desire of yours is really going to give you what you want, or if it will just be cutting yourself off at the ankles.


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