Trouble Winding Down Lenormand Reading

Trouble Winding Down Lenormand Reading with the Black Salt Lenormand

What part of me needs to relax?

Ring and Sun – Fun and positivity is easier to find when it isn’t forced. Stop trying s hard.  Yes, you need these aspects to be encouraged to flourish in your life in order to combat that negative inner narrative and your depression, but it doesn’t have to be so hard or complicated all the time.

What stands in the way of letting this part relax?

House and Clouds – Feelings of uncertainty lead to this unstable approach. You have a hard time trusting that this can be done without hard work. and you have a habit of hiding when things feel uncertain or awry instead of sharing with those that could help.

A different pathway to consider.

Whip and Birds – Consider the anxiety and backslide that could happen if you do not seek the help of others. Is this really what you want?


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