Healing the Wound Lenormand Reading

The Healing Wound Lenormand Reading with Mystery's Halloween Lenormand

The Tender Core: What actually hurts?

Man and Birds – The scars left behind by your ex.  These cards very clearly describe the agitated and scattered behavior that he displayed just before things went off the rails… or rather, he went off the rails.

Embedded Sword: Why is it hard to release the source of the pain?

Letter and Star – It’s hard to speak about what happened, and difficult to purge the emotions involved when it’s a struggle to actually get in touch with the emotions involved… even if it would help lighten the weight you still struggle with.

Bloody Bandage: Once that’s released, what will help stanch the wound left open?

Tower and House – Structure and a sense of security at home.  When you feel safe at home, your wounds are given a chance to scab over and begin to heal.


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