Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Hierophant

Prompt:“Pull the card from your deck(s) that matches the card posted below. Compare the imagery between the card provided below and the card(s) from your own deck(s). How would you read them differently and why?

Tarot of the Hidden RealmTarot of the Hidden Realm – Here in this card I see a kind old man willing to guide and teach, but not with a strict demeanor.  Instead he nurtures our curiosity, provides us room to grow and guidance to keep us on the straight and narrow path as we explore and learn. He’s understanding, and willing to listen as well as to teach, and it is this energy that fills the card and any reading that this card would fall into.

The Hierophant in the Wandering Moon Major Aracana, Tarot of the Hidden Realm, Mara Lunne Tarot, Radiant Tarot, and Second Sight Tarot

The Wandering Echo Major Arcana – In this deck, the Hierophant is renamed the Teacher, and we see in the imagery the shifting grow of a moon from half to three-quarter and finally to full.  The keys in the half moon speak of the tools we have and the knowledge we must gain, where the development of the moon speaks of growing into our knowledge as we learn more and more until finally we come to a place where we have the keys needed to unlock the doors to even more knowledge… and still more to explore.

Mara Lunne Tarot – One of the more traditional imagery cards in those chosen for this activity, this card depicts the Hierophant as a robed religious figure with a halo of holy knowledge surrounding their head and a tomb in their hands. In this depiction I see peace and serenity. There are no harsh lessons here, only trust and guidance passed down from generation to generation, and entrusted to us to be passed down as well.

Second Sight Tarot – Although the imagery in this card is not as traditional as the one to either side of it, I see this one as far more leaning into the “atmosphere” of the traditional imagery in the RWS tarot. It is in the ruffled cuffs of the sleeve, and in the Marionite cross (which I believe was meant to be the Papal cross) which serves as an emblem for the office of the Pope in ecclesiastical heraldry.  This card speaks to me of stringent rules and rigid tradition.

Radiant Tarot – In this card we see the crow figure standing crowned and holding a key of knowledge. He is robed in red, speaking of knowledge and authority, and the head is turned to the past, speaking of knowledge that comes from the past through generations and traditions held in long standing.  This card speaks to me most strongly of tradition and knowledge that holds structure and formality, but is perhaps not quite as stringent as what is seen in the Second Sight Tarot card mentioned above.


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