Weekly Creativity Prompt – April Fools

Prompt: Draw (at least) three cards and use them to tell us the story of a (real or fictional) April fools trick.

Starless Sky TarotPeople express love in different ways, and sometimes we forget this.  When the old man’s daughter in law and new husband moved in across the street, he had high hopes that he would be able to connect closely with them. (The Star)

Sadly, there was no connection at all and he resigned himself to the idea that the rest of his years in his old farmhouse would be lonely ones.  It wasn’t that they didn’t wave hello now and then, it’s just that it seemed they were so… distant.

After a few years, he wasn’t able to live alone anymore, and he began to look at moving into an assisted living facility. Then in April, he heard sirens and he came outside to find the house across the street on fire! (The Tower) He rushed across to help and brought them home with him. He spoke with them and expressed how sad he was for them, and how he’s sorry that he didn’t take more of an effort to stay close.

They in turn took him outside and showed him where the firemen were standing in the yard laughing.  The fire was out, and it was now obvious that the house wasn’t destroyed but a facade had been built to fool him into thinking it had been.

They brought him over and showed him that behind the facade, the house still stood, and while the facade had stood for months, they had built onto their house to create a small apartment for him to come join them.  The firemen had been in on the trick, and they came over to say hello and wish him a happy April Fools.  And in the weeks that followed, the old man moved in with his daughter in-law and her family so that he was not alone any longer (The Sun).


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