Gideon’s Challenge

IMG_3382Musing on Wealth

Tiny ripples
into the distance
where stately walls
stand strong
and windows
in the light of a
low slung sun
“Who loves there?”
you wonder
“What worries
keep them up
at night?”

Are they just like me?

Sometimes when we look at people that are better off than we are, we wonder if their life is better… or in many cases assume that it is.  We assume that their worries can’t possibly be as big as ours, or that their life surely has to be so much easier.

The truth is?  Every tax bracket has their own worries, every fortune has it’s own misfortunes, and every gleaming bright white cloud has a shadow. We trade worries for different worries, struggles for different struggles, and stresses for different stresses.  Each looks at the other and thinks their own troubles are heavier or harder… but no one ever considers that perhaps that’s not the case at all and that in truth, they are simply different… but equal.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography

One thought on “Gideon’s Challenge

  1. The grass is always greener…but is it really?

    A nice musing, babe. And I’m sure all those struggling to make ends meet think surely the grass is greener on the wealthy side of the fence. I mean….I wouldn’t mind trying it out for awhile, you know? But you’re right, I’m sure they have their own worries, they just come with much bigger price tags than my own.

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