Chakra Reading from Owl and Bones

So this reading was actually the Owl and Bones prompt for the 15th of this month, but it was a bit too… involved for me to work with at that time.  Because it deals with the chakra centers, it needs a bit more attention for me to do a full reading on, so I saved it so I could do it separately at a later date.   That “later date” would be today.

Chakra Reading with Dixit Cards v4 Origins Expansion Pack

#OwlandBonesJuly Challenge by Owl and Bones Tarot
to balance:   root // sacral // solar plexus // heart // throat // third eye // crown

Root – I am… Surprisingly fierce. To balance this part of myself it is important to remember the effect that “jack in the box” pop of fierceness can have on the unsuspecting. It isn’t something to use indiscriminately, for the surprise is a part of the power that lies within this quality. Choose your battles wisely and allow that fierceness to show itself only when needed.

Sacral – I feel… Precariously balanced.  This card reminds me of Eddy Murphy in the cave on the way to get the cup in the Golden Child movie, balanced so carefully upon the towering stone pillars and at risk for a long, long fall. Due to the emotional growth I’ve been working through over the past few months, my footing is unsteady, although I am taking the right steps. If I want to find better balance in this area, I need to find better footing.

Solar Plexus – I do… Focus on zen and comfort and silence. I find strength in peace and my connection with nature.  The white on the face and blue lips speak of my mutism, and how I can use this part of myself as a strength instead of a weakness. Sometimes silence is comforting and peaceful.  Creating a balance in my core requires time in nature, and time wallowing in the things I find comforting (like Luna’s purrs and squishy Pluto).

Heart – I love… Loving care through symbiosis. The Egyptian Plover is a bird that flies into the mouths of Nile Crocodiles and perches within their open maws, picking the meat and other remnants of food from between the crocodile’s teeth. The crocodile does not eat the plover because the plover is ensuring the health of the crocodile, by removing debris that could cause infection while cleaning the crocodile’s teeth. This type of symbiosis is needed for me to find balance in a loving relationship… and this type of symbiosis is something I have with you.

Throat – I talk… About elevation and inner strength. My communication is filled with my desire to help others to rise above their tragedies and hardships and find the positives both in their situations and within themselves. This is something I desire and love, but I also accept that not everyone is ready to let go and move on.  Sometimes, you just have to ‘hold space’ for them.  Holding space is not my greatest strength, but to find balance in this area of my life, it’s something I need to work on.

Third Eye – I see… Possibilities within impossibility.  To find balance in the area of my intuition and creativity, it’s important to allow myself the freedom to get lost in my imagination and let it carry me away into a land of possibilities far removed from “the box” of conformity.  Anything is possible… I just have to imagine it, and then act.

Crown – I understand… The connection between light and dark. I know and I understand the differences between right and wrong.  My moral compass is strong and sure, and is swirled through with as well as heavily connected to my intuition.  Balance in the area of my deeper knowledge and my intuition relies on this connection and upon the clear and strong readings my moral compass provides me.


One thought on “Chakra Reading from Owl and Bones

  1. This is interesting. And being compared to a bird cleaning the crocodile’s teeth is rather amusing. But truth is…I’d do anything for you. BE anything for you. Whatever you needed from me, that’s what my job would be.

    I love you angel mine. Always

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