It’s Going To Be Okay

Today’s meditation was yet again non-existent.  I kinda sorta might have fallen asleep instead. Not on purpose, mind you, but apparently I was more in need of sleep than I was of meditation because I managed to fall asleep in my pirifomris stretch. As you might imagine, it was not easy to get out of after having slept in that position for about an hour.

Ten of Zephyrs - Ten of Swords - Stolen Child TarotToday’s draw is the Ten of Zephyrs (Ten of Swords) which is traditionally interpreted as coming to the end of a rough and arduous journey and can often indicate that that ending is fraught with experiences of pain, loss, or betrayal.

With the imagery on today’s card, what I see here is definitely the end of a road, but I also see a message of safety and care.   The resting child and the vulture that looks over it, a bird of pray and a scavenger… and yet also a watchful protector.

What I see here is a message of reassurance, and after the triggering event last night… a message that I needed to hear.   That message says that I am looked over and protected, even when I am at weakest and most vulnerable.


#TarotForGrowthApril Challenge Prompt
: How can I embrace that power? (built off yesterday’s cards)

The Good Tarot

Intuitive Interpretation: Remain open and receptive to love and nurturing.

Take Away:  The power that was referenced yesterday had to do with the touch of guidance from my spirit guides within my choices and my moral compass.  Today’s cards indicate that in order to embrace that touch within my life I need to stop ignoring their presence and pushing away the possibility of them being a hand in things, and open myself up to being more receptive to their presence, guidance, and love.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2020 Challenge Prompt
: Where do I need to direct more gratitude?

Fantastical Creatures TarotReading Summary:  Instead of spending so much time trying to spread myself thin pushing forward (Seven of Cups) I need to look within and find the fortitude (Strength) that will allow me to accept that things are good (Nine of Pentacles) and enjoy that things are good. (Ten of Pentacles).

Take Away:  I spend a lot of time planning for the future and freaking out about if I’m doing enough and how I can do more.  The cards here speak of the need to let up on those habits and appreciate the here and now.  Yes, there’s a lot going on now to worry about, but the truth is that we are okay.  We have the ability to get food and medications that are needed.  We aren’t on the street or struggling with homelessness.   We are very, very fortunate in all that we have and I need to set aside that diligence and hyper-vigilance a bit to allow myself time to appreciate that.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
: What motivates me?

Lili White Tarot

Reading Summary:  The need for spirituality and balance in my life (Temperance), my moral compass (Judgement), and my need for stability and security (King of Pentacles).

Take Away:  One of the core tenants and foundations of my faith is balance.  It is one of the energies that I revere, even in my daily devotional and, even beyond spirituality… or perhaps it is because it is such an integral part of it, balance is an important part of how I view life and the world as a whole.  

My moral compass rules my life.   Sometimes I slip, just like everyone does.  But it is finding balance and holding strong to my moral compass that allow me to move forward with certainty.

The last card is a representation of my need for stability and security.  This need is rooted in fear, yes… but it is also rooted in my connection with the earth.  The core need within me to be grounded is an overpowering drive, and absolute need for me, and that need is not about fear but about what feels right to me and how I connect to the world around me.  Without that grounding force…. there is no sure footing beneath my feet to walk upon my path.


#MidnightTarotChallenge Prompt
Question: How can I be more forgiving?

New Liminal Tarot

Reading Summary: Make the choice (Two of Swords) to accept that sometimes shit just falls apart (Ten of Swords) and make a conscious decision to rise above those moments and focus on recovery efforts (Queen of Discs).

Take Away:  This speaks of stepping away from thoughts of blame and instead stepping forward to offer support.   In doing this, you allow yourself to see things from the other person’s perspective rather than just your own, which fosters the ability to forgive more easily those that trespass upon us.



Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Walk

Pull (at least) three cards and use them to… describe a walk outside.

Akira Uno's Spiritual Tarot

The Hike – 3500 Feet in 3.2 Miles

Strength – Exiting the car is the easiest part of the day.  The little gray Prius is parked in the small lot hidden among the trees and he exits the car to pull out his pack.   Turning off his phone it is slipped into one of the pockets of the pack before the small daypack is slid onto his back and the trunk is closed.

Moving to the trailhead, he pauses at a post with a wooden box upon it.  Lifting the lid, as expected, what is found inside is a notebook and a tethered pencil.  The pencil is picked up and his name is written down along with the date and the time, as well as the anticipated time he would be on the trail.   The box is then closed and left behind as he moves to take the first steps upon the spongy soft ground of the trail.

Following the path to a small bridge that crosses a busily babbling stream, booted feet find the other side and he looks up the sheer face before him.  Breathing deeply the damp, musty air filled with the scents of evergreens and decay, his gaze follows the zigzag of the trail going up the mountain as far as the trees will allow.

The hike to the top is just over three miles, with an elevation change of 3500 feet in that short distance.  Nearly 1200 feet of elevation per mile of trail making it one of the most difficult trails accessible to the general pubic.

Hanged Man – As he makes his way along the switchback trail, following the long stretches of straight that zigzag up the mountain and sharp turns at the end of each, muscles stretch and blood pumps.  His body protests as his body demands more oxygen to fuel the effort put fort as each step along the path is the same as taking a double step on a staircase… without the staircase.

Using roots and rocks as footholds, each breath becomes an agony and a pleasure at once, the fresh air filling his lungs even as his lungs ache greedily for more and more.  A sheen of sweat coating flesh blending a hint of clean sweat and personal scent into the damp crispness of the air.

But over time, the body adjusts and breathing evens out.  Refusing to stop, refusing to pause and catch his breath or rest, the agony increases and increases… and then finally begins to fade.  To shift as the fire in muscles turns into a warm, wobbly burn.

Judgement – Each quarter mile is marked, but it is not those markers he seeks but rather the green sign with white letters high up upon a tree where the trail finally splits.  The words “Summit Loop” a blessing.   It is the holy grail that does not truly mean the end… but rather a shining light of hope that tells him that he’s done good and is getting there.

When he comes upon that split in the trail and the beautiful sign, he finally takes a moment to pause in the bliss of being over half way there.  A hand lifting to press against the stitch that quickly develops in his side as his body’s adjustment to the extreme exertion now tries to settle and relax.

Pulling off his pack, he pauses to down half a bottle of water, and finish off a couple of protein bars, his back resting against one of the trees off-path as he looks up at the gray sky and lets the crisp bite in the air at this new elevation cool him down and dry the sweat on his skin.

Justice – Eventually he has to get up and continue upon his climb, and his body screams in protest as muscles that had tightened up now object to rising and joints that are stiffened try to move.

Familiar with the trail, he takes the left side of the split, choosing to take the steepest part of the loop first so that he climbs it rather than giving his knees the agony of trying to going down that incline.   Muscles screaming and lungs aching once more, he pays for his break upon the spit in the trail with a steep decrease in the stamina he’d gained over the nearly two miles he’d hiked thus far.

As he continues to climb upon the trail, trees become more scarce and the spongy earth beneath his feet turns harder, jutting rocks breaking through the soil become footholds on the incline as he pushes on, forcing his body to keep moving through the pain and promising that it will be worth it once he reaches the peak.

The Hermit – As he climbs this steepest part of the trail, the treeline opens up.  Jagged silvery spikes of an old forest fire open up the view on one side of the trail, the other side filled with sparse woodland that slopes down and away the way he had come.

Here and there remnants of snow linger on the ground, tucked into the crevices of rocks and grooves between tree roots.  Scenic views of the valley beyond, the peak of another climb not far off, and the large shimmering lake far below greet him and soothe the pain even as he continues on, fresh air now crisp and cold chills the tip of his nose and his cheeks.

Soon he arrives at at a small outcropping of rocks, and a sign that indicates that he has reached the peak of 4301 feet.  Here he stops and removes his pack, setting his ass upon the rock and tilting his head back to catch his breath.

Here he will linger.  He will sit and enjoy the view and the chill in the air. He will eat lunch and he will hydrate.  He will meditate, and he will enjoy this time alone, savoring the feel of muscles well worked and lungs washed clean of the pollution of the city so that they can be filled instead with fresh, crisp air.

Soon he will have to take the trip back down… but for now?  He will savor the fact that he is the only human for miles and soak in the peace and solitude.