Accepting Help

IMG_3695Today’s meditation was just under twelve minutes long and focused upon a full body scan where the guide took the attention through each muscle of the body instead of each part of the body.

I’m a big fan of this sort of meditation, and I like the specificity of doing the body scan from muscle to muscle rather than body part to body part, but I feel that if we are going to do it muscle by muscle, it needs to be a longer meditation.

I don’t feel I get enough time focusing on moving my breath through each muscle when they try to cram the whole body into a twelve minute session.   This could easily be stretched into a good thirty or forty minutes and I probably would have still enjoyed it immensely.

Five of Pentacles - Stolen Child TarotToday’s draw is the Five of Oak (Five of Pentacles) which is a representation of tests, trials, and struggles in the area of finance, health, resources, and the hearth and home.  This often translates into themes concerning scarcity issues, financial losses and/or poverty, as well as all of the worries and sense of isolation that can accompany these themes.

What really stands out to me today in this card is the mice and the honeycomb.  Although the badger child hoards his honeycomb, there is enough to go around for all to partake.  Sometimes when you’re in need, it’s hard to look up from your struggles to see where a helping hand may lie.  These rats have chosen to look up and although the badger child wishes to keep all that goodness to themselves, they share regardless.

The message here is that reluctant charity is still charity, and we all need a bit of charity now and then.  Don’t ignore what’s being offered just because it’s coming from someone or somewhere you’d usually reject out of principle.  This message fits in very well with some issues that happened today concerning my building and the need to take a run to the hardware store for supplies with… what is arguably one of the most difficult residents in our building.


#TarotForGrowthApril Challenge Prompt
: Current state of my relationship with my community.

Shadowland Tarot

Reading Summary:   Feeling a bit overwhelmed (Ten of Wands) but still standing strong (King of Wands) while I worry about transitions and changes (Six of Swords).

Take Away:  I think that everyone is worried about the current changes going on in society and where we are going from here. At the moment, like so many others, I am a bit overwhelmed by these worries and hit’s causing a bit of a struggle concerning action related to my passions and drive as I work to support others through this difficult time.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2020 Challenge Prompt
: What is my greatest source of emotional strength?

New Liminal TarotReading Summary: When I’m feeling chaotic and defensive (Seven of Wands), taking some time to rest and reevaluate (Four of Swords) allows me to find balance once more (King of Swords).

Take Away:  These cards indicate that my emotional strength at this time lies in my ability to keep myself from picking at negative thoughts and being unkind to myself. A lot of times when I sense my own vulnerability, I will react by attacking, but the cards indicate that for true emotional strength, I need to see these moments as a time to reassess and find balance rather than allowing myself to fall into bad habits.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
: Am I confident in naming my boundaries?

Pastel Waite Smith Tarot

Reading Summary:  Absolutely (Strength).  Especially boundaries having to deal with emotional connections with others (King of Cups) and boundaries that deal with the  stability and security of hearth and home (King of Pentacles).

Take Away: My responsibilities are an extremely important part of my life and so it’s not surprising that it would come up that naming and standing by boundaries concerning my responsibilities to stability and security came up as somewhere I have a good deal of strength.  With my heart and soul very much belonging to you, it is also no surprise that I have absolutely no issue with setting boundaries where my emotions are concerned.

What is not included here is also interesting, as there is a lack of Swords and Wands, indicating that I have difficulty in enforcing mental boundaries and boundaries that have to do with my drive and ambitions.  This is also very fitting as it is where I am less apt to set boundaries for myself especially, but others as well. 


#MidnightTarotChallenge Prompt
Question: How can I deepen my spiritual practice?

New Liminal Tarot

Reading Summary: If I want to move forward into a new connection (Ten of Swords), I need to take my time because trying to move too fast (Eight of Wands) is creating issues (Seven of Wands).

Take Away:  I recently had another reading with a similar question that indicated much the same thing as this.  I’m creating my own road blocks by overloading myself in different ways due to a feeling of uncertainty about how to move forward.  If I want to deepen my spiritual practice and that connection with my spirit guides, I’m going to need to let go of that trepidation and the subconscious methods of aversion that it’s creating.