Clarity and Solid Footing

IMG_E3044Today’s meditation was just over fifteen minutes long and was not a guided meditation.  Instead, I spent the meditation first taking time to focus upon my breath, and then expanded my focus to the expansion and contraction of my personal energy, allowing my energy to stretch outward further and further, then pulling it back in again in slow increments.   It is a bit like stretching, but for your energy instead of your body.

I then pulled my energy back in and spent a bit of extra time breathing through the tension in my hip as I worked on my piriformis stretches. I might have to step up my yoga/physiotherapy a bit, as I’m not getting as much physical activity as I’m used to and I feel like it’s starting to effect my mobility a bit.

Healing Mantra DeckToday’s draw is the “Cultivating Courage” card from the Healing Mantra Deck.

I really liked this part of the message from the book for this deck.  It says that when you cultivate your courage, it helps you in pinpointing what your best options are when moving along your path, and that “Such options may not always match up with the things you want, but they will always give you the exact experiences you need to further evolve your soul.”

I think that’s a really good way to look at things.  We can’t always have what we want, and sometimes the viable choices in front of you just plain suck. But with inner strength and courage, you can decisively make decisions even when those decisions aren’t ideal.  That courage helps you to not shirk away… and allows you to make decisions with a clear mind rather than making choices out of fear or emotional reactivity.


#TarotForGrowthApril Challenge Prompt
: How can I use current opportunities to take back control of my body issues? (built off yesterday’s cards)

Considerate Cat Tarot

Reading Summary: Move away from the negative shit (Six of Swords) and take some time for inner reflection (The Hermit) so that I can then move forward into the future open to new adventures (Son of Wands).

Take Away:  I’ve gotten this exact same answer before from a very similar question. This is a continuation on the theme of taking this time of seclusion and lockdown to prepare and plan for a better time.  To get my ducks in a row, and get in touch with what I want and need for the future so that once the restrictions lift I am prepared to move forward with those things that are important to me that I want to grow into something bigger and better.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2020 Challenge Prompt
: What do I need to focus on for self care during this full moon?

Isidore Tarot

Reading Summary:  Have a little fun (The Fool), but make sure I’m not procrastinating (Eight of Wands) on anything related to my resources (Ace of Coins)

Take Away:  I have a habit of taking things a bit too seriously more often than not, and that includes taking myself a bit too seriously.   The cards indicate I need to try and lighten up a bit, but not so much that I lose track of the very important responsibilities I have at the moment concerning our (at home) resources and foundational stability.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
: When will I be good enough?

Bunny Tarot

Reading Summary:  You’re already there, you idiot.  (Well thank you very much, cute little bunnies. *LOL*)

I have all the tools (Magician) and a substantial amount of curiosity (Page of Cups) to go with those tools.  I’m not shy about going after what I want or feel (Knight of Cups) and have a secret treasure trove of stability to help keep things balanced (Four of Coins).

Take Away:  I was expecting the cards to tell me somewhere I need to work on improvement to get to that “good enough” status.  Instead it called me out for not appreciating what I already have.   I’m already good enough and need to pay more attention to the positive aspects of myself, rather than focusing on the negative and nitpicking it to death.


#MidnightTarotChallenge Prompt
Question: How do I contribute to the collective?


Reading Summary:  I point out what isn’t sustainable (Seven of Coins) and help in creating a better plan(Three of Wands) to carry things forward using a more stable (page of Coins) and judicious perspective (King of Swords).

Take Away:  I contribute to others by helping people in finding a sustainable direction forward along their path, no matter what the topic or path might be.   This is truly a joy for me to be able to provide this perspective for others and help them in finding a way forward that works for them and feels right for them.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – Vacation

Pull up to three cards and use them to… create and/or describe your perfect vacation.

I 22 Arcani FiabeschiNo vacation would be right
without you along
I need you at my side
or else everything just goes wrong

Together there is fun and joy
and a lot of indulging in pleasure and play
In the end it doesn’t matter where we go
It’s being with you that makes my day