A Bit of Wallowing is Okay

IMG_3717Today’s meditation was just over twenty minutes long and was not a guided meditation.  Instead I did one of my pain management techniques.  Because I haven’t been able to go in for treatment by the specialist over the past few weeks, I have a few issues cropping up concerning my pain and, subsequently, my flexibility.

This technique is a meditation based upon the breath, and centered upon gentle stretching during that focus.   As you breathe in a slow deep breath, you visualize the air slipping through your nose and down your throat, traveling through your body like swirls of smoke to seek out a specific place of pain and tension.

That visualization of air is then seen swirling within that body part, filling it up and dispersing through the pain as you hold the breath for a pause.  A beat of two or three seconds.  You then exhale and visualize that swirling air carrying pain and tension out of the afflicted area, up through your body, and out through your nose.  You then wait a beat of two or three seconds to savor the peace and stillness before repeating again.

It is peaceful, and it helps.  Is it perfect?  No.  But sometimes it really boils down to the little things and every little bit helps.

The Star Card - Stolen Child TarotToday’s draw is The Star card of the Major Arcana, which is traditionally a card representing hope and renewal of faith.

What I see in this card’s imagery is more than hope but comfort.  In the imagery, the sea-otter boy lingers among the bounty of a tide pool, and surrounded among these creatures it has all that it needs.  Land and sea, food and much more.  Everything is looking up in the world for the otterboy.

What came into my mind when I saw this happy otter was that the twilight of joy comes with a moment of uncertainty… followed by the sun.  A phrase that stretches the span of not just the Star card, but also the Moon card and the Sun card.

Today’s message is to bask in the good stuff.  It won’t always be there and soon enough uncertainty will come to toy with your thoughts and emotions and life.  So enjoy what you have while you have it.  Take pleasure in those things that give you a sense of goodness, hope, and well-being.  Hold them close and enjoy them for all their worth.


#TarotForGrowthApril Challenge Prompt
: What part of my current state of spirit is within my control to change? (built off yesterday’s cards)

ETA Tarot - Emerging Toronto Artists TarotReading Summary:  Allow that growth to develop and grow (Seven of Pentacles).  Don’t allow yourself to be pulled aside (Seven of Wands) by misplaced confidence (Six of Wands) that urges me to go developing new distractions (Ace of Pentacles) to replace those that have been discarded.

Take Away:  This is a huge bad habit of mine.   That is, the habit of piling more and more on my plate until I’m swamped and overwhelmed, and then forcing myself into sustaining it over long periods of time.   The cards here indicate that this habit is a distraction that will hinder my spiritual growth at this time, as well as hinder my ability to move into a better relationship with my spirit guides.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2020 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread #2 How can I better handle this lack of alone time?

Cosmic TarotReading Summary: Appreciate and foster the growth (Seven of Pentacles) of the connections coming from the added feminine influences (High Priestess) in my life right now rather than struggling in vain against what cannot currently be changed (Nine of Swords). Acceptance is a better path (Temperance).

Take Away:  Having this extra time with L and Z is a blessing, and when I am struggling with feeling overwhelmed by my current lack of alone time, I need to step back and take some time to remember that blessing and the opportunity that it is providing me to develop a deeper and stronger bond with both of them.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
: How do others perceive me?

Fantastical Creatures Tarot

Reading Summary: A planner and a go-getter that uses their past experiences to map the course forward.

Take Away:  The cards indicate that people see me as someone that uses their past experiences and the positive aspects of what has been learned from them to both guide my own steps, but also assist others in finding their path forward in the direction of their goals as well.  To be honest?  I really like that.


#MidnightTarotChallenge Prompt
Question: What is my relationship with my mind? How can I improve it?


Relationship With My Mind: I am both well seated and happy to guide others with the workings of my mind and have a deep sense of independence and decisiveness. (Queen of Swords)

How to Improve that Relationship:  Foster more positivity (The Sun) and seek balance by reaching out for (and accepting) the help of others (Two of Cups).

Take Away: Although I don’t have an issue with decisiveness and independence, I can improve upon my relationship with my mind by allowing more input from others, especially in the area of interpreting my emotions and giving me a “light at the end of the tunnel” to focus on when I get too wrapped up in my own thoughts.