Finding the Calm

IMG_3496Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long and focused upon finding calm in the midst of chaos, and how mindfulness and meditation can help you in finding that calm.

Mindfulness meditation is, at its very core, a way to train your brain.  People that let their thoughts and worries run away with them, or suffer from anxiety, or have a hard time getting their brain to just shut up…. mindfulness meditation is the exercise and training that can help in overcoming these issues, because it essentially trains you to find that calm and quiet place.

It isn’t about “doing it right” or being “good at it”.  Just the act of trying helps start that training process and gives your brain the exercise it needs to begin learning how to find that calm.  I didn’t understand this when I first started mindfulness meditations, but I get it now.

I’m far from “perfect” at being calm and silent and still and not allowing thoughts to intrude in my meditation…. but I am absolutely flawless at now *catching* myself when that happens and doing the mental “push up” of returning back to silent calm.  Sometimes, I have to do that mental “push up” countless times in those ten minutes or so that I meditate for.  Sometimes, I only have to do it once or twice.   But the fact is?  I’m still doing it… and that’s what counts.

Queen of Brine - Queen of Cups - Stolen Child TarotToday’s draw is the Queen of Brine (Queen of Cups) which is typically interpreted as a receptive alpha energy, personality, or person in the area of relationships and emotions.

What I see in the imagery of today’s card is the abundance of motion that swirls around the center figure.  So much life and so much chaos, and yet she is calm and steady amidst it all.

The message here is an echo of what I’ve written above concerning meditation and finding that inner calm.   Sometimes you get swept up in the chaos of life, but it’s important to take the time to pause and touch upon that inner source of calm.  It’s there, but sometimes we have to teach ourselves how to reach for it… and remember to then do so when we need it.

The message here in today’s card is a reminder to do my meditation and put my all into it instead of just going through the motions. Being dedicated to the task will strengthen the ability to more easily touch upon that calm when it is needed most.


#TarotForGrowthApril Challenge Prompt
: Current state of body.

ETA Tarot

Reading Summary: I want to get back to that place that I was at before (Six of Pentacles), but I’m having trouble fitting the changes into my life (Two of Pentacles) and so I am feeling quite stagnant and stuck in place (King of Cups).

Take Away:  I want to get back to that place that I was at before the cancer and chemotherapy upended everything. To do this, though, requires weight training combined with a specific diet heavy in protein and carbs.  At this time, I’m having trouble fitting the type of exercise I would need (not to mention the amount of food I would need to consume) into my life.  Because of this, I am feeling quite stagnant and stuck in place where my body is concerned.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2020 Challenge Prompt
: What difficult truth about the human condition I am ignoring?

Shadowland TarotIntuitive Interpretation:  Most people crave love to the point that they’re willing to do damned near anything for it… but turn their back on it when it’s offered freely without them having to put in the effort to earn it or if it doesn’t live up to the ideal in their head.

Take Away:  I don’t actually have a whole lot of experience when it comes to matters of the heart and people trying to hand you their heart.  Just one, actually.   That said?  I do a good amount of observing of others and the read above from the cards seems pretty accurate.  I see truly amazing people offering their heart on their sleeves to others all the time and being turned away for what seem to be purely superficial reasons or simply because there was no challenge in getting that love. 

I see it, but I choose to ignore it. Because it is frustrating and flabbergasting to see it happen again and again, and yet those constantly turning their back on these offers complain about being alone and unloved. It is a pattern that becomes disheartening if observed and acknowledged too often.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
: What takes my confidence away?

Universal Celtic Tarot

Reading Summary: When I find myself on uncertain footing stability wise and am not giving myself enough self care to keep things balanced.

Take Away:  Both the Ace and the Page are cards that indicating a beginning.  During these times when a new start is before me, there’s a feeling of uncertainty and newness that can set me off kilter, especially if that uncertainty and newness is in the area of my financial security and home stability.  The cards indicate that at those times, a little self nurturing can go a long way in bolstering my self confidence, but even then, the struggle is still present, just concealed a bit by a blanket of warmth.


#MidnightTarotChallenge Prompt
Question: What do I need to bring into my life to nourish my growth?


Reading Summary:  Be less miserly (Four of Pentacles) with my praise (Six of Wands) and foster good feels (Ace of Cups).

Take Away:  By finding ways to connect with others and foster their growth, I in turn foster my own growth.    I have noticed this lately in my interaction with others.  I feel a bit less awkward in interacting with others, and even seem to catch humor and jokes more often than I have in the past. This is emotional and social growth for me, which is pretty impressive in my opinion… especially concerning the amount of social awkwardness that I have spent the majority of my life experiencing.





Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

These Saturday readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and is not meant as a predictive reading… although that, too, happens on occasion.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?

Self Care Saturday

EarthPage of Fire, Queen of Earth, Woodpecker, Caterpillars – Stay on track with your goals to avoid using your resources unwisely. You want to be ready when opportunity knocks, so take this time to stock up both energetically and otherwise so that when that opportunity comes to transform and fly you are ready to take that leap.

AirAce of Earth, The Chariot, Panda – Take that leap too soon and you will miss that opportunity to grab hold of a successful start and ride the wave.  You don’t want to leap ahead too soon and get trampled by the horses instead of ending up driving the apple cart.  Use this time of waiting to care for yourself and foster loving relationships with others.

WaterSeven of Water and Goat – This week is a good week to indulge in some of those imaginative creative projects you’ve been wanting to get into.  The more challenging the better, as there’s no obstacle too high when you have others on your side.  My most challenging project at the moment is the wood burning project I’ve been preparing for through the winter months. The cards here indicate that now is a good time to do some experimentation and practice runs.

FireTen of Water and Blue Jay – Delving into creativity this week will help satisfy a lot of needs that you’ve been suppressing that need to get out.  It will also assist in fostering a sense of well-being that is, at the moment, a bit off-kilter.

WaningSee Beauty in Others – There has been a few times over the past week that you have felt inferior and had difficulty in stepping out among others because of it.  As this week progresses, that sense of inferiority will ease and you will find your footing once more.

WaxingYou Come from Love – Sometimes you need to step outside your own self-perceptions to better understand that you are prefect just as you are.  Don’t allow beliefs in your own limitations to hold you back from growth and progress.

Take Away –  Now is not the time to be leaping forward into action, but rather a week for waiting and holding space. In that space, you’ll need to keep yourself distracted. That distraction would be best served by being something  creative that brings joy and captures your attention, challenging your creative spark and abilities with something new and different.  The wood burning project I’m working toward is an excellent outlet that fits the bill and checks all the boxes. At the same time, it will also be important focus on staying contented and grateful for this time spent with loved ones.