Taking Control

IMG_3763Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long and focused upon a long full body scan that took up nearly the entire length of the ten minute meditation, and then a brief mention of the topic of patience at the end.

I think that this guided meditation was initially intended as simply a body scan, and that the patience part of it was more of an addition to the end due to the current state of world affairs and trying to give people a bit of ease with the fact that the entire world is currently in a state of “sit and wait” for the time being.

There was nothing in the talk or the quote included and shared in the image for this post that I objected to, it just felt incongruous with the rest of the meditation.

img_9606Today’s draw is the Five of Flame (Five of Wands) which is traditionally a representation of trials, conflict, and tests in the area of one’s drive, passions, and ambitions.

As I’ve mentioned before, this card is hands-down my absolute favorite imagery on any card in any deck, across the board.  I love this depiction of the Five of Wands, as it speaks to me of so much more than just conflict and strife, but also of strength, determination, and empowerment.

The message that I saw in today’s card is about taking actions to back those things you want to happen.  Intentions are all well and good, but unless you are willing to confront your challenges and take them on? Those intentions aren’t going to take you very far.

I did this today by going back and deleting the draft posts that I had made for the posts I’d missed over the past week here on the blog.  I had a long line of “catching up” to do, and as a part of my determination to give myself more space and take more pressure off myself concerning the blog and my personal readings, I went through and deleted the “catch up posts” that I needed to do, allowing myself to discard the idea of catching up entirely.


#TarotForGrowthApril Challenge Prompt
: Where am I most in need of support right now?


Reading Summary: Emotional well-being (Ten of Water) and passion projects (Ace of Fire) where a better sense of direction (Three of Fire) is needed.

Take Away:  Well, considering what we’ve been doing all day, the fact that I’m going to need some pretty hefty emotional support is to be expected. The drop is going to be a bitch when it comes.

The other two are also about what we’ve been doing all day.  Usually once we start getting intimate with our characters in rp, we end up losing direction in our play.  I really would like to continue to explore the characters we are currently playing and I’m really hoping that doesn’t pattern happen this time.  These cards indicate that in order to avoid that result it’s going to take a team effort.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2020 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread #3

IMG_3771Me:  I am a practical provider and juggler of responsibilities between work and home. I am extremely grounded.

My Goal: A closer bond in my relationships with my guides.

The Obstacle:  Because I am so very grounded and logic oriented, it can be difficult sometimes when trying to delve into unfamiliar areas of the esoteric.  This difficulty shows its face as uncertainty and a lack of confidence in both myself and my process.

Guidance:  I need to take time to figure out how to make amends and reconcile with my spirit guides because I have ignored and neglected them and their role in my life (and existence as a whole) for so long.


#MidnightTarotChallenge Prompt
Question: How can I handle upcoming challenges and roadblocks to my goals? (rephrased to not be built off previous day’s cards)


Reading Summary: Perseverance (Strength), staying present (Six of Cups), and not ignoring what’s right in front of me (Eight of Swords).

Take Away:  That last one is a toughie for me, as that selective ignorance is something I really excel at when it comes to things that are bothering me or I am struggling with. The cards here say that as future struggles emerge, I will need to make sure to stand strong and keep my mind in the game.  Don’t allow “what used to be” or how things “used to be done” to distract me from the present issues and best solution.   That best solution, incidentally, might be right in front of my face… so pay attention.