Self Care Saturday (on Sunday)

As I’ve mentioned before, these readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and are not meant as a predictive reading.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?


EarthThe Star, Queen of Wands, and Hawthorn – I need to take some more time out in nature, connecting to the ancient spirits within the trees and the land itself. My body needs this connection, as does the ability to manifest my creativity into reality. Take some extra time out in nature this week, and connect with that energy that reaches beyond years and decades into centuries and millennia.

AirFive of Wands and Rosemary – This week is a good time to look back at past conflicts, and reflect on how far I have come since that time in my life. It is a time to remember how strong I am, and take a moment or two to acknowledge how those things that once tore me apart now are the bedrock that supports my stability now.

WaterJustice and River Otter – Seeking too much stability kills the joy. I’m someone that is constantly searching for stability in life, and that includes in my emotions. The river otter is a reminder that without a bit of swing in those scales, life becomes boring. Yes, there are times when things tip down, but the upswing can be worth the imbalance now and then.

FireKnight of Swords and Monarch Butterfly – Full steam ahead! But that said, be prepared when you step forward into your ambitions that you are bringing your past along on the trip this week. It may cause a few stumbling blocks to work through along the way, but in doing so there is potential for significant growth.

Moving Away FromBlossom – I should seek out nature during the beginning of the week in order to take advantage of the energies there and how they can assist me in my growth. As the week goes on, I will transition more that energy of progress and growth into…

Heading TowardAngelic – … a time when my focus will need to settle on caring for myself and bolstering my own self worth.

Take Away – I may feel a bit of uncertainty in the last half of the week, especially with all this stuff from the past coming up that is mentioned in the spread. Connecting to the past, not just my past but the energy of past generations, may trigger some need for healing, forgiveness, and letting go. It may also provide a catalyst for growth. Make sure to take time for myself, for nature, and to find joy in the world and those around me or I may risk sinking under the weight.

Decks Used: Talking to the Moon Tarot, Illustrated Bestiary Cards, Illustrated Herbiary Cards, Earthly Souls and Spirits Oracle 3rd Edition


One thought on “Self Care Saturday (on Sunday)

  1. *Reads through and grins at the part about spending some time in nature* Just be sure that you stay aware of your surroundings or take someone with you, man. Just to make sure you’re safe.

    As for the past resurfacing and all that, if you need me, I’m always here, my love. For whatever reason, in whatever capacity that you need it. I’m always here for you. Always. All ways.

    I love you, beautiful. So very much

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