Seeding the Garden of New Ideas

Like yesterday, my morning was a bit hectic and inconvenient today. So, I drew my card first thing when I got up to give myself focus and food for thought throughout my day, but didn’t have time to meditate until this evening.

Today’s meditation was fifteen minutes and forty-nine seconds, and focused on letting go. Whether that be negative feelings, or thoughts that keep one up at night, etc.

I didn’t think this one applied to me very much, but now that it’s over I feel… better. I’m not sure what I let go exactly, but I definitely feel lighter.

The woman’s voice on the guided meditation was so soothing that I caught myself dozing off a few times. I definitely need a nap.

Today’s draw is the Ace of Swords. In the suit of intellect, communication, and logic, the Ace represents new beginnings, fresh insights, and the discovery of new truths. It can also be a powerful encouragement concerning new intellectual endeavors, projects concerning communication, etc.

I can’t help but see a strong correlation between the appearance of this card and this new project we’ve embarked on with this blog.

I know you are seeing benefits from what I’ve begun here, and I think that I see some of them as well. I’m more aware of myself and my inner dialogue throughout the day than I was before. And, I truly believe that this project made a profound impact on how I surfaced from my depression this time around.

I feel more… hopeful, too. And there’s no denying the benefits to our relationship, as it has opened up channels of communication that, following a depression, are usually much more difficult, awkward, and uncomfortable to get opened back up. Not to mention usually taking quite a bit more time? I’m pretty sure that’s also the case, because although I don’t really remember that part of things (or at least not much of it), this time feels… accelerated. And yet not in an overwhelming way.

SO… wandering thoughts aside, I feel like this card is a reminder that this blog and what I’m doing here is a good thing. The card was also a bit of a prompt to really look at the benefits mentioned above as well.

One thought on “Seeding the Garden of New Ideas

  1. I think this activity we have started here is beneficial in many ways…helping you to explore your feelings coming out of that depression a bit, allowing you to start the day on a positive note but also to help you sort out all the emotions that are beginning to resurface and finding a positive spin on them. Learning how to make these things into positives that might not have been so before. Allowing me a view into those inner feelings and helping you work through them and yeah, allowing us to communicate a little easier.

    I know you really didn’t want to do the journalling thing, but I feel like you’ve really grasped something productive in this exercise and I’m really glad that you’ve agreed to keep up with it, even after you’ve made your way clear of the pit.

    I love you, babyboy. We still need to work on getting you here more often(and I want to apologize again for falling asleep last night, Georgie is a bit exhausting at times) but I feel like we are definitely on the right track to getting things back to normal.


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