Exploration and Creativity

Today’s meditation was curtailed by the fact that I spent the majority of my day sitting behind a steering wheel in bumper to bumper traffic.  I didn’t have enough time to get it done before leaving the house and I’m pretty sure when I try before bed I’m going to doze off.

Today’s draw is the Page of Cups. Pages are the representation of an omega-type energy, personality, or person seated in the position of a learner or explorer. The suit of Cups represents creativity, emotion, instinct, and relationships.

The appearance of the Page of Cups in today’s draw is an encouragement to set my curiosity free and allow myself room to explore and experiment.

Although physically this didn’t really get much play, mentally I did a good deal of contemplation on ideas concerning everything from new jewelry designs and wire wrapping ideas, to additions and edits to my tarot journal, and roleplay ideas for our writing.

I didn’t get the chance to immerse myself in these ideas as the appearance of this card would suggest, but I definitely have a great number of ideas for exploration later.

A little off topic?   But I think the depiction on this card looks like C.  Different color hair, but there’s something in the face that just reminds me of her.