Striving Toward Excellence

Although I drew my card this morning when I woke up, I was not able to fit in my meditation until this evening, so today’s post is a little late.

Today’s meditation was 14 minutes and 47 seconds, and focused on ‘riding the waves’ of thought during meditation rather than pushing them away.

Although it was supposed to be about riding the waves of thought, though, it was really all about emotion instead. I found this unfortunate, because I rarely have all that much emotion when in meditation. My intrusive thoughts are almost always visual (as in mental images) without an emotional connotation.

So, it ended up that the guided meditation didn’t exactly hit its mark for me today. I was remarkably relaxed through it today, though.

Today’s draw is the Eight of Pentacles, which is a representation of determination, purpose, strength, and progress in the areas of the material world, resources, and money.

This is telling me that I am making progress.  I may not FEEL like I am making progress, but I am.  It also teaches that striving for perfection is not necessarily a bad thing, and that pushing forward and striving towards excellence in my goals will continue to move me forward to their completion.

I feel like this card is an encouragement to keep striving in my business, but more specifically, that it refers to my plans concerning my mortgage.

I greatly desire to be mortgage-free.  For the first time in years, I am getting back a tax return this year, and I plan on using that tax return to pay off what’s left of my line of credit (and pay for my dental surgery that’s coming up next month).

Once my line of credit that I’d accumulated during my cancer treatments is paid off, I can then start directing the money I had been putting monthly towards it into the mortgage instead.

At that point, I will be looking at just over 6.5 years until I own my place outright.  Mortgage-free.  Yes please.

One thought on “Striving Toward Excellence

  1. Wow that is excellent news on the mortgage, baby. And a great plan moving forward.

    You just keep those creative juices flowing, keep pushing forward, keep striving because for you, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to do anything else….you strive for excellence, for damn near perfection in pretty much all that you do. Whether you realize it or not.

    You never, ever half ass anything, at least without it bugging you to the point that you end up having to go back and redo it just so your conscience will allow you to let it go.

    I love you man. I’m so sorry that I missed getting to see you and spend time with you last night, though I know that you were likely busy all night with orders. Still….I miss you like crazy. Been missing you for a long, long time now.

    Mine babyboy. Always


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