Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Feels

Prompt: “Draw a single random card from (one of) your favorite decks and share how the card’s imagery makes you feel.”

The Pinokkio Tarot by Sagittis - The FoolDisgusted. I mean honestly, that was my first reaction when I saw this card. Disgust.

Pinokkio has decided to lay among the grass and flowers, and because he’s not paying attention to his surroundings and has lain himself down in an inadvisable place, he’s going to get pissed on by a dog.

Interestingly, my feeling of disgust concerning this card are very similar to the feeling of disgust I get when I find people who are willfully ignorant and choose to do stupid shit without thinking about it first. So the feeling is very accurate for the Fool where I am concerned, as the Fool is often quite irresponsible and oblivious to their surroundings in most cases.

My disgust in this picture would turn my perspective on the meaning of the Fool’s placement in a reading into something slightly more cautionary or negative. Ie: a warning about not paying attention, taking care to do not do foolish things, or a message about thinking before you act.


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