Weekly Creativity Prompt – Memories

Prompt: “Draw (at least) three cards and use them to describe the first memory that the card combination brings to mind.”

Storytelling with the Don't Starve TarotThe Wolf and The Fox
(The story of Gideon and Twist)

There was once a young fox that was fiercely independent and thought he had everything he needed in life (The Magician). He went through his days doing what he wished without commitments (The Fool), running his life with efficiency and single-minded focus.

One day this fox met a great big wolf who stirred up things within his soul that he didn’t understand (The High Priestess). It made the fox uncertain, as he felt unbalanced in the wolf’s company, and so he often ran away from the wolf (The Moon) even while at other times he was irresistibly drawn to be in the wolf’s company again and again (The Devil).

There came a time in the wolf’s life when everything he knew fell apart and those he trusted turned on him (The Tower), upsetting not just his current life but what he saw as his future (Judgement).

In kindness, the fox reached out to the wolf to make sure that he was okay (The Empress). In the conversation that ensued, the fox provided insight (The Hierophant) and perspective to the wolf that the wolf had not considered, and which changed his outlook on his situation entirely (The Hanged Man).

The wolf found the fox to be a breath of fresh air into his life (The Star), and recognized the great amount of joy the fox provided for him not just in his time of darkness but in all the time they’d known each other (The Sun). He began to earnestly pursue a relationship with the fox (The Chariot), and eventually the fox stopped running (Temperance).

Now the wolf and the fox travel as one (The Lovers). They take care of each other and support each other through thick and thin (Strength), facing life’s path together side-by-side as they move forward into the future (The World).


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