Wishes Lenormand Reading

Wishes Lenormand Reading with the Wildera Wooden Lenormand

What hopes and dreams am I sending out into the world?

Book and Tower – You expect people to be smart and/or wise. You truly hope that they are, and consistently give them all the benefit of the doubt.  Often, this can bite you in the ass, though, as you are then blindsided by humanity’s stupidity again and again.  Still, the hope persists.

What will allow these ideas to find fertile ground?

Woman and Mountain – Stop listening to your mother. She constantly throws obstacles in your path and too much exposure to her negativity makes it impossible for you to lean into seeing the best in people, or believe that humanity can grow and become more and better.

How can I let go and trust that they will grow?

House and Heart – Keep your focus close to home and on those that you love and care about. Don’t worry so much about the world at large, and instead keep your gaze upon those closest to your home and heart.


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