Networks Lenormand Reading

Networks Lenormand Reading with the Heloise Lenormand

How strong is my network of support?

Path and Fox – Your network of support is structured not on brute strength, but on cunning and cleverness. They are there to step in when you need them, and let you walk your own path when you don’t.  This works for you (and them) as you are not in need of babysitting or constant supervision, just clever people to help out when needed.

When do I need the support of those relationships most?

Woman and Clover – When you need help finding the carefree attitude that (to be fair) doesn’t come that easily to you to begin with.  It’s something you need in your life, but are most often unable to provide for yourself.  Others are able to step in and give you this, though, when you let them.

How can I maintain and sustain these connections?

Lily and Ship – Hang out with them. Enjoy their company.  Let them pull you away from your responsibilities for a time and just chill.  Have fun with them, and let them use their ability to lift you up to ease some of the weight of responsibility you often feel overwhelmed by.


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