Support Lenormand Reading

Support Lenormand Reading with the Cat Lenormand

In what area of my life do I need more support from others?

Tower and Child – Your inner child needs their watchful diligence to help support and encourage it to emerge and feel safe in doing so. So many times you shut down your inner child and hide it away, feeling unsafe in expressing yourself in this way. With their support and assistance in feeling safe and secure doing so, that side of your personality would be able to emerge more often and have a greater presence in your life as a whole.

How will this help me to reach greater heights?

Heart and Garden – You have always struggled with getting close to others, even in your social circle.  Making your inner child feel secure through a help with others will provide a greater amount of emotional openness and connection to others, without feeling as if you you are putting yourself at risk in doing so.

How can I put aside my pride and ask for help?

Ship and Ring – Start with Gideon. He makes you feel safer than anyone, regardless of the physical distance between the two of you. You trust him to help you, to protect you.  You can trust him with your inner child as well.


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