Second Harvest 2021 – Autumn Equinox

Today is the Autumn Equinox.  This is considered by many to be the first day of Autumn, and is one of only two moments in the year when the sun is exactly above the Equator, and that day and night are of equal length.  Like Halloween is a time when the veil between the land of the living and the realm of the dead is thin, this holiday (as well as its cross-point in the spring) are times when the veil between our world and that of the Fae is at is thinnest… and it is when I personally experience more interactions with them than any other time of year.


In my path, the Autumn Equinox is also known as the Second Harvest (also called Mabon), and is a day that marks the transition of the growing season into full harvest.  After this day, the darkness of night begins to overtake the sun’s reign in the sky as the days continue to grow shorter and shorter, and the nights longer and longer.  The earth is winding down its abundant generosity and beginning to close up shop for the year.

Like with new moons and full moons, I usually do a spread to check in with myself and give myself some direction for the next couple of months for each solstice, equinox, and other Sabbats. This spread is an adaptation of my Self Care Saturday spread, so there are sure to be  some similarities in how it is read. The focus of this spread, though, is not about Self Care, but rather about progress and my path. The time period is also longer, reaching through the next handful of weeks until the celebration of the upcoming third and Last Harvest of the year (aka. Samhain, Halloween) at the end of October.

Autumn Equinox Tarot Reading for Mabon - Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, Compendium of Witches Oracle, Healing Herbal Cards Vol 1 & 2

Theme of the SeasonMabon, Full Moon, Sweet Violet (Viola Odorata) – As explained above, Mabon is a harvest holiday, and the energy at this time of year is one of transition from growing and abundance, to the bounty of harvesting what has been sown. Now is the time to look at all that we’ve accomplished this year, and examine the lessons we’ve learned.

The Full Moon is a time of peak energy, bright and vibrant as the moon is in the sky, so too does energy peak before waning.  With the harvest season upon us and the full moon having just passed, this is a time when we can use the extra energy and the tapering down of that energy as it wanes over the next couple of weeks to begin to reap our harvests.

Not all magic is flashy and big, and sometimes some of the sweetest and most subtle magic can be the most powerful of all.  This is where Sweet Violets (Viola Odorata) lie in the sphere of herbal magic, with their delicate presence and Fae-like energy, the Viola encourages compassion and care, dispelling disruption and fostering a calm and quiet atmosphere while fostering strength to persevere.

When looking at these three cards together, the theme that I see here is to utilize the energy given through this season wisely.  Don’t waste it, but don’t take it for granted either. It’s important to use this energy to lean into the transitions going on at this time rather than resisting them.

EarthAce of Pentacles – You’ve done well at picking and choosing which new opportunities you’ve decided to pursue and foster into growth. Keeping things small is working for you, and will continue to work for you moving forward into this time of transition.

AirThe Magician atop King of Pentacles – You haven’t felt particularly grounded or in control lately, but just whose onus is that on when you have all the tools you need at your disposal? Step into your power, it is waiting.

WaterFive of Cups – You’ve been flirting with a bit of a pity party for yourself of late. It’s time to work on pulling yourself out of that mindset. It’s not helpful and will only get in your way moving forward.

FireThe Lovers – Echoing back to the Earth position, you have been doing really well at making healthy choices for yourself and your business. Remember that you are going to have to classify certain things in your life as essential daily tasks instead of “when you feel like it” chores. It will help keep you motivated to make sure they happen and aren’t skipped over.

WaningMemory – Last year around this time of year, you became bogged down with the past.  With your father’s ghost and the echoes of what had come before.  This year, make sure you don’t allow yourself to fall into the same trap as the veil between the spirit world and the physical one begins to thin.

WaxingSeer – More time in nature is needed. More connection with liminal spaces. More attention paid to your intuition and your spirit guides.  Make sure that you are not allowing other things to get in the way.  You need that connection with the earth and the honed senses, enhanced awareness, and balance that it provides.

Take Away – Transitions and changes are in the air as the harvest season begins, but you still have some time to wallow in the pleasures of the season and the connection with nature and the Fae that this time of year offers you.  Don’t squander it.


One thought on “Second Harvest 2021 – Autumn Equinox

  1. *Grins* It’s pretty amazing, you know, when even though I’m not physically there with you, even though I can’t -see- you, I can watch the changes Autumn brings for you. The relief from the heat, the return of the wetter, cooler season, and just a sigh of pleasure as the seasons shift and change.

    You belong in the forest, my love…at least in short intervals, you need those outings, that time to cleanse your soul and connect…don’t procrastinate about getting outside. If there is an opportunity, take it. Soon you’ll be too busy and then it will be too cold to do much of that…so do it now while it’s wet and cool and your spirit is celebrating the transition

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