Weekly Creativity Prompt – Seattle

Prompt: Pull up to three cards use them as the inspiration to describe an evening stroll (real or fictional) near you.

Feito/Gurando Ōdā Tarot

The Magician – In the air swirls the scent of sweet jasmine dying on the vine, a cool breeze swirling through the air carrying the soft lick moisture and a slight nip of chill. Dressed in warm sweater and jacket with thick socks and boots on my feet, I wander along a pale sidewalk dyed in speckled shades of autumn leaves once fallen and now washed away.

The Hierophant – A breeze causes a breath of sound that skims in a hissing whisper through nearly bare branches, the hint of brine in the air speaking of low tides and seagull feasts not seen, but promised all the same.  The nose tells of more than just low tide and exposed barnacles, but Saturday dinners of pork fried rice and sizzling casseroles as wafting scents of grilled cheese tinge the air.

The Wheel of Fortune – Looking up as I move along the sidewalk, low clouds lit by city lights billow still and gray above, hovering low and close in the night sky, and a fat raindrop falls to splash on a flushed cheek. Another follows to pat down on a shoulder, then another on my nose.  Dressed warmly, I am prepared… and yet I’ll still be soaked by the time I make it home.


One thought on “Weekly Creativity Prompt – Seattle

  1. This sounds…amazing. I want to take a walk with you….

    I know you need your time alone and I’m good with that, but I’d really like to walk with you, see the world through your eyes for a time while you are happy and calm and relaxed.

    I love you, my angel. Always

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