#5Things I Use Everyday & Can’t Live Without


Becca Night Owl, over on Youtube did her first VR tag.  And, well of course I don’t do videos, but I do like quizzes, so I’ll answer here.

Her question for the #5Things tag is… What five things do you use every day and can’t live without?

Now, this list is really more what I -don’t want- to live without to be honest.  As I’m a firm believer in the survivalist in my nature.  That said?  I’m not kidding about #3.  Medication-free means I’m very, very up close and personal with the overwhelming urge to off myself.

In no particular order…

1)  A deck of cards.  It doesn’t matter if they are playing cards, lenormand, or tarot, preferably.  But oracle cards, Dixit cards (which I use as oracle cards), or even Kipper (which I don’t know how to read but could use if needed), will do.  Not just for my daily draw, or even to keep my hands busy, but because you can also play games with them and that works for me when left to my own devices.   If I was stranded on a deserted island and I had no cards?  I’d make myself some cards.  They’re just that important.

2)  My  phone.  I hate to say it.  I really do.   But it’s my connection with you and that’s what matters.   So I guess you could say it isn’t my phone at all but YOU that I can’t do without.  I love you.

3)   My antidepressants.  Life isn’t worth living without my antidepressants… literally.

4)  Labradorite.  The qualities of this stone include grounding, dispelling anxiety, strengthening intuition, and tempering negativity… among other things.

5)  Citrine.  The quality of this stone that I find the most important, and the reason I wear it daily, is that it releases anxiety and transforms negative energy into positive energy.   It also is known for being emotionally balancing, activating creativity, encouraging self expression, and helps enhance concentration.

The last two stones, I have made into small charms and attached to my medical bracelet, meaning that I wear them 24/7.

One thought on “#5Things I Use Everyday & Can’t Live Without

  1. You know, I remember a time when you absolutely -refused- to get a cell phone, and now, here you are with it on your list of things you can’t(don’t want to) live without. Something that is a very important part of your daily life. *Grins* Though that it in essence just means your connection to me makes me very, very happy. And all warm and fuzzy inside.

    My phone would also make my list as it’s my communication device(or one of them) that connects me to you and C. It also holds my library of books and I can’t fall asleep without a book.

    Georgie is now at the top of my list as well and I’m at the very top of hers along with things to get into as she doesn’t do well at all when I’m gone or sleeping or anywhere she can’t get to(even in the bathroom, she HAS to be with me. She guards the door)

    And I’m glad that you have accepted that the anti depressants are an important part of your life. That they make life better. I know for a time you resented them and you tried going without them. You did prove that you COULD be without them, but life is better, more enjoyable with them and as I told you then, if it makes it better, why would you ever do without?

    I love you, precious. So very much. I’m glad that I make your list and you know, without doubt that you are right up there with Georgie on mine. You’re my heart and soul. My moon and stars. My air, my light, my reason. You’re my everything.


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