Gideon’s Challenge


September Clouds

Twice, today.   It’s an uncomfortable feeling and… unwarranted?   I don’t know why I’d feel that way but I did.

Both times, it was at EC, while answering questions on the forum.   The first was the thread I answered where someone was asking for help and advice considering long distance relationships.  The second was in a thread where someone asked advice on starting a home business from a hobby.

I know my advice in both cases was good, and I am speaking from a place of experience as well in both instances.  And yet…. somehow I feel hypocritical anyway.

I tell myself that I have a thriving online business, and thus I am in an excellent position to give advice on such things.  Yet…. oddly I feel a fraud spouting hypocrisy.   Same goes for the long distance relationship advice.  We’ve been in a long distance relationship for 9 years.  It’s had its ups and downs like all relationships do.   So why do I feel as if I have no room to speak on the topic of long distance relationships?

I don’t understand why I feel this way… and yet it came up twice today.

One thought on “Gideon’s Challenge

  1. Well if it helps, I’ve felt that way quite often when commenting, or attempting to comment on things on EC. Not because my advice was not good advice, but because things between us are still rocky and I’m rather uncertain where I stand.

    I know that alot of your attraction comes with my confidence, but it’s hard to be confident when one is uncertain of their own position and relationship, yeah?

    Maybe that’s why you suddenly feel this way when posting. Though I can’t say why you’d feel that way with your business advice. You are a talent artist with an amazing and profitable business. You should be proud of it and there is nothing to feel hypocritical about man.


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