Gideon’s Challenge


I have had my tires slashed so many times I’ve lost count, although the police have an accurate record of it, as I’ve made a police report about it every single time.

It has happened at a location as far away as 3 hours from home, and as close as just down the street.

I5 Seattle

It has happened at…

  • the post office (local and up north)
  • the gas station (the one I work at, not yet at one I’m filling up at)
  • more than one grocery store
  • the park
  • while parked on the the street
  • a number of parking lots (where I have tried parking both among other cars or out in the open)
  • the mall parking garage
  • the airport
  • along the side of the road when I ran out of gas
  • while parked at a number of natural forest trail heads
  • twice at other peoples private residences
  • once while I was parked on the side of the road and sleeping in the car at the time

I have walked miles upon miles due to this, spent thousands of dollars replacing the tires on my car again and again.

It has been going on for two years now? Maybe three?

It isn’t rocks or stones, it’s a gash or puncture in the side of the tires.  Yes multiple tires, usually two on one side of the car or all four.

It’s not coincidental… it’s intentional.

I am always hyper vigilant of my surroundings, and yet I have not caught anyone following me. The feeling is there though. Even before the tires started happening, I could feel the unease of someone following me. Watching me. Thus why I’m so vigilant.

I’ve switched to public transportation when I can, and yet… it’s still happening. Tires are so goddamned expensive.

I am frustrated.

At least the EPA says that the air quality is supposed to be making its way back to a rating of “Good” by sometime tomorrow.