Weekly Creativity Prompt – Adrian’s Adventure

Prompt: “Draw (at least) three cards, and use them to tell us a story about a farm with talking animals.”

Storytelling with the Aisare Garu No Gaikotsu TarottoAdrian Goat was a happy creature all the days of his life. He bounded and bounced around in his pen, climbed and played with the toys, and ate good food every day (The Sun).

One day the farmer left the gate unlatched though, and Adrian became curious. Tempted by the outside world (The Devil), he went against the warnings of Mother Spider and Brother Pig and squeezed through the opening (The Chariot).

He wandered off into the woods (The Fool), and soon found himself all alone as the sky began to darken.

Scared and alone, he could hear rustling in the trees, and he bleated fearfully instead of calling out for help, at a loss for words in the face of his first encounter with true fear (The Moon).

Remembering all the stories that the other animals had told him about wolves and bears with sharp teeth and claws, as the sounds came closer and closer he was terrified of what might jump out at him at any moment (Wheel of Fortune).

When the leaves right before Adrian Goat rustled, he shouted his fear and turned to run, dashing back through the trees and back into his pen, using his teeth to close the gate behind him.  No longer curious or eager for adventure in the outside world, he was now very happy for his safe, comfortable pen (The Hanged Man).

In the woods, Brother Dog and Alfred Horse chuckled to each other as they emerged into the clearing that Adrian Goat had left behind. Chatting quietly with each other as they returned to the farm at a leisurely pace, assured that Adrian Goat had learned his lesson (The Hierophant) and would stray no more.


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