Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio Lenormand Reading

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio Reading with the Pure Colors Lenormand

What are you being asked to release with this eclipse?

Whip and Sun – The concept of self flagellation is somehow good for you. Being cruel to yourself does not make you stronger, nor will it help you in becoming a better  or happier person. Although this concept was ground into you in your youth, it’s time to let it go.

What are you invited to change or transform?

Scythe and Garden – Your balcony.  You have all the plants needed to transform your balcony into the summer garden paradise that you grow out there each year, you just need to take the time to actually put in the work to get it done.

How can you confront your deepest emotions?

Woman and Coffin – Don’t wallow in the depression when it comes to wrap you up.  Keep pushing back against it. Keep working to overcome it and get past it. It’s only through acknowledging it and seeking ways to get through it and beyond it that you can stop it from lingering on too long.

What will be revealed to you during this time?

Heart and Mountain – Keep your eyes open for those that are not invested in you other than in what you can do for them.  The obstacle that they present in your life will hold you back if you let them.


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