Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes Lenormand Reading

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes Lenormand Reading with The Butterfly Circus Lenormand

A Thought to Change

Man and House – You are not an island, and it is time to stop thinking of yourself as such. You have people who love you, people that depend on you.  You live with some and others are near by and close to your heart. There is so much support there that you refuse to see, because you believe you do not deserve it or worry it will fall through. It’s time to start accepting that you are not alone.

A Behavior to Change

Bouquet and Tree – You need to start treating your physical health better. This goes beyond just eating healthier instead of eating junk all the time (which you are definitely guilty of), but also in making sure you are getting enough exercise, enough physiotherapy for your body to work properly, and enough rest. Taking care of yourself is important and you need to take it more seriously.

The Outcome

Bear and Child – Greater fortitude and strength, both mentally, emotionally, physically, and situationally. You can start again and build greater strength by tapping into these changes instead of ignoring the need to begin working toward them.


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