Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Empress

Prompt: Pull the Empress from your deck(s). Compare the imagery between the Empress in the Tarot of the Hidden realm with the card(s) from your own deck. How would you read them differently and why? Share your card(s) and your interpretation differences between the imagery on the cards.

In comparing these cards you will see that I often see the Empress as being a combination of all four Queens in the tarot.  The energy of these four queens can blend in many different ways, and this is how I ten interpret the different messages and energies within each of the card’s imagery.

The Empress in the Tarot of the Hidden RealmTarot of the Hidden Realm – In this Empress we have the embodiment of inviting warmth and a bountiful harvest.

The autumn shades, the many apples, the earthy tones and blossoms in her hair… it all points to not just the harvest season, but a successful and generous harvest. Her expression is soft and kind, warm and content, the angle of the head promising receptivity and shades of the hair a kiss of warmth.

Open and receptive, I see a good deal of the Queen of Pentacles in this card’s imagery, blended with a touch of the Queen of Wands in her passion to bring to harvest her bounty, and Queen of Cups in the gentle receptivity in her expression.

The Empress in the Tarots Universels, Zero Pop Deck, Tarocchi di Vetro

Tarots Universels – Angular features and the angle of the Empress’ head in this imagery speaks of a sharper energy here. She is more regal and less earthy, leaning more into the energy of the Swords, and perhaps the Wands… whereas the Empress in the Tarot of the Hidden realm leaned heavily into the energy of the Pentacles. This Empress may not own a single houseplant, but she most definitely has your back and will do what needs to be done to support and nurture the growth of her kingdom and her family.

Zero Pop Deck – Miss Jupiter is radiant and warm, approachable and happy.  She has an open smile and soft curves, and a very welcoming demeanor. Her softness and her expression both call out to me the Queen of Cups, while the tilt of her head and body language sing of the Queen of Swords.  This Empress is emotionally supportive, but won’t let you wallow.  She’s hands-on, and she’s going to encourage you to pick yourself up, throw back your shoulders, take a deep breath… and try again.

Tarocchi di Vetro – Graceful and serene, this Empress is filled with an aloof air, but the bounty all around her is undeniable. She’ll listen to your problems and give good advice, and and will save her comfort for when you really need it.  You will never doubt the warmth in her heart or the nurturing in her soul, it’s there in the soft angles of her features and tilt of her head, but nor will you ever take her for anything less than the authority figure that she is.  Out of all the Empress cards covered here in this post, I feel the imagery here most evenly balances the energy of all four queens in the tarot the best.


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