The Nest

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and twenty eight seconds, and focused on how people have a natural tendency to get stuck in their comfort zone and become resistant to trying new things.

I think that this is true for just about everybody, and there’s a reason that most people struggle with change. Myself included. The meditation was guided in encouraging the listener to open up to change now and then, rather than staying stagnant in one’s comfort zone all the time.

Today’s draw is the Nine of Cups, which is an representation of contentment, fruition, gratitude, and sometimes culmination and resulting consequences in the area of emotions, relationships, and creativity.

The appearance of the Nine of Cups today is a reminder to be grateful for what you have now. With so much pushing and shoving forward in my drive to get things done, stay on track, and get ahead… Sometimes I forget that what I have right now is really pretty damn good.

Today, this card is a reminder to take some time to be content and what you have and be grateful for it, rather than always striving for more.

One thought on “The Nest

  1. Another good message. You are very intuitive in these posts about not stressing the moment, reminding yourself that things aren’t so bad in the now and that maybe you can relax a little bit in that striving -so hard- to move forward and meet the goals you have set for yourself.

    You often push yourself way too hard and get so caught up in that race for excellence and completion that you forget all the other things around you.


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