Beltane… continued

You have asked me about how this celebration of warmth and vitality applies to me today, and how this holiday helps to start my day off on a positive note.

First and foremost, with the exception of Hallows Eve, this is my absolute favorite holiday. To me, it feels like it is a celebration of life at its most vibrant and vital. New sprouts are reaching, new leaves unfurling. It is in this spirit that I wish to emulate.

I am striving to bring that sense of vibrancy and vitality into my attitude and outlook today, to notice the beauty of it in the fresh air and tender greens starting to opening up to seek the sun.

It is like that saying to “let light into your life”, although in this case it is more about letting spirit of Beltane into my heart and mind.

One thought on “Beltane… continued

  1. *Grins as you expand on today’s topic a bit as he requested*

    That’s better. The first post talked about the holiday and the new, positive energy of it, but you didn’t touch so much on how it pertained to you. On where you fit into the picture you painted for me.

    Now I can see you though, now I can feel those tender buds beginning to open and the edges of your smile beginning to show. And more than anything, I want you to smile today. To breathe in the fresh air with the sun shining on your face and rain a promise on the air.

    I love you, beautiful boy.
    Happy Birthday, my love
    Happy Beltane

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