Today’s meditation was fifteen minutes. Instead of using a guided meditation, as I have been doing recently, today’s meditation was self guided and focused on the significance of the holiday at hand and incorporating its theme into my day and my life.

BeltaneLike my meditation, my daily focus activity is a bit different today. I am not using the cards, because today I have Beltane to focus on as my theme for the day.  Beltane is a holiday for me, and is all about abundance and warmth.

Where Ostara (aka. the spring equinox) is a whisper of spring to come, Beltane is a trumpet that announces it is here in all its glory. Beltane is about that spark of warmth that Ostara whispers about now coming to fruition.

It is a time of vitality and virility, with life and promise around every corner and under every leaf.

I think this holiday has a lot to teach about welcoming warmth, positivity, and hope into my life.

Today is also, of course, Linette and I’s birthday.

One thought on “Beltane

  1. I would like to hear a little more about how this celebration of warmth and vitality applies to you today. How this holiday helps to start your day off on a positive note….though it -IS- your birthday and you will be traveling today, so I suppose I can cut you just a little bit of slack today.

    I love you, angel mine.
    Today is one of my very favorite days as it celebrates the day my boy was born. It celebrates the life and vitality of the most important part of my life.

    Happy birthday, babyboy.
    Now hurry home…-safely- so you can open your birthday gift. *Grins*


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