Gideon’s Challenge


Water Park

My heart warmed with pride today, because last year this little boy was terrified of the water and would barely get close enough to stick his toes into the wading pool.

Although my neighbor and her son moved away a while ago, I’ve stayed in touch and enjoy visiting and being considered a “part of the family”. Over the past year, I’ve had a lot of talks with him about the water.  About lakes and oceans, beaches and swimming pools.  In June, I convinced him to take a swim class, which he agreed to as long as I came with him.

And look at him.   A day at the water park and he had a blast.  It wasn’t a big water park, and it wasn’t a big slide.  But he did it on his own and was smiling  both as he landed in the water, and as he waded out of the pool.

I consider that a success.

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