New Moon in Cancer Lenormand Reading

New Moon in Cancer Lenormand Reading with the Sawyer's Path Lenormand

Where to advance.

Fox and Bear – Don’t worry.  Nobody’s trying to screw you over and the decisions you’ve been making financially lately are good ones.  You have a chance to cement these good decisions in place with the energy of this new moon, just make sure you’re staying alert and watchful.

Where to recede.

Rider and Fish – Be wary of new ideas from this point forward.  You’ve already made the decisions that need made and they are sound, good decisions. New decisions popping out of the blue might be tempting and seem appealing, but they are fraught with potential problems you may not be able to see clearly due to the speed and immediacy needed in their approach.

Where to turn inward for loving self care.

House and Tree – Home is where the heart is and it’s also where you find safety and sanctuary.  Heading out into the world right now holds a lot of risks (as demonstrated by the last three days and the expenses incurred on your car concerning the four incidences in those three days).  Stay home and enjoy the stability you find there.


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