Spiritual Burnout Lenormand Reading

Spiritual Burnout Reading with the 1880 Lenormand

What is the root of my burnout?

Book and Bear – Too much too fast puts your back up. The cards have been telling you for a while to not just slow down and allow things to move at their own pace, but to be forgiving to yourself about this slower pace.  Stop pushing so hard.

What area of myself am I neglecting?

Tree and Woman – Emotional and spiritual health. When you push yourself as described above, you take for granted what you need in other areas of your life that are not being fulfilled because you’re so focused elsewhere.  In this case, it is your emotional and spiritual health that are suffering.

What do I need in order to recharge?

Rider and Man – Motivation and determination. You’ve been dawdling, and this rudderless drifting and recriminations -for- that rudderless drifting are holding you back from the motivation and determination you need to connect to and embody right now.


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