Replenishment Oracle Reading

Replenishment Oracle Reading - Dr Chuck Spezzano Self Therapy Cards

What do I need to see to give myself permission to rest?

Meaningless and Success – Overwhelming yourself with work and flirting with burnout steals away the joy that your success should hold and makes it feel meaningless. Yes, you can push hard and go further at a faster pace, but are you really enjoying it when you do?  No, you aren’t.  So better to allow yourself the rest you need and enjoy the journey instead of trying to sprint ahead and overburdening yourself in the process.

What can I do today that will replenish my energy?

Personal Myth and Communication – Connect with the lies that your negative inner dialogue are telling you and piece them out, work with them and find where they are false.  Instead of letting the hamster wheel continue to run, step off and look at it more objectively.  Find a better message than the negative ones constantly repeating in your head.

What can I do today that will bring me joy?

Guilt and Inspiration – Stop feeling guilty for having fun and indulging in your creative spark. It’s okay to feel that spark, feel empowered by that spark, and allow it to carry you forward with curiosity and inspiration.


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