Find the Fun

Today’s meditation was 10 minutes long and focused on softening fear Through mindfulness and staying in the present moment.

A lot of times fear and anxiety is caused by “What If” mentality. That is to say that we worry about the future and the “what ifs” that might happen but are not yet a reality.

If instead, we stick to the present moment and pay attention to this moment instead of spending time trying to predict the future… then there is less to be fearful for and your anxiety can ease as a result.

Today’s draw is the Knight of Rods, which is an active beta energy in the area of one’s passions, ambitions, drive, and willpower.

Today’s card is an encouragement to work at condensing my scattered energies, my frustrations, and my feelings of being rushed about into something positive. The night of frauds is telling me that these negative feelings and frustrations can be turned into his sense of impulsive adventure, and And become an inspiration for my passion and creativity.

As we are apparently going to be doing a lot of running around today, I think this is a good message to keep in mind to help me in actively keeping my eyes open to opportunities to make what would normally be considered a very trying day into something more fun and adventurous.

One thought on “Find the Fun

  1. I love you, beautiful. Your energy feels very closed off and very tense today and I can only imagine that you are feeling all the anxiety that only one of these trips can bring.

    I hope that you can find something good in this “running around” ‘today and can something fun or enjoyable in it. Pictures or some experience that makes it not all bad. Just some bright spot to lighten your day just a little bit.

    I love you, my heart. I wish you were home. I wish I was there to keep you safe…or better yet, that you were here with me preparing to go on my trip with the giant slobbering puppy.

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