Wasting Time and Energy

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and ten seconds long, and focused on opening up the heart to others.

The basis of the topic and premise is that one doesn’t have to be romantically involved, or have a close relationship with someone, in order to feel love for others.

The guided meditation spoke on how when you approach others from a place of love, you have a better chance of improving not just your life but the lives of those around you as well.

I very much enjoyed the breathing exercise included in the meditation, which involved focusing on Breathing in love on the inhale, and exhaling tension to foster peace with the exhale.

Today’s draw is a pair of Dixit cards from the sixth Dixit expansion pack named memories. These are two cards without a jumper, as they both came out of the deck together.

What I see in these cards as a reminder that freaking out is a waste of time. The chaos and color of the top card speaks to me of anxiety and the chaotic mindset that I’ve been residing in for the last couple of days. When I am in this mindset, everything is scattered and confused, and almost violent on the inside of my mind and body.

The second card speaks to me of wasting time and effort. What else are you doing when you’re trying to water a plant in the middle of a rainstorm when the ground is already flooded?

Today’s draw as a reminder that I need to do you things from a dispassionate perspective of logic rather than the heart while I’m here.

Deck Used: Dixit Pack #6 Memories

One thought on “Wasting Time and Energy

  1. I think you’re feeling a little irritated and grumpy, my love…because even the rain card isn’t cheering you up today. So ilet’s not close off that heart all the way, hm? Maybe hide it away in my pocket for a little bit, but don’t put it in a box and seal it with tape. I’m going to need it again the moment you get home, if not before, you know.

    I love you, angel. It’s going to be okay. Just keep breathing, keep rubbing that heart in your pocket and remember that it’s only for a week, then you can come home again.

    You can do this, man.


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